My art jewellery practice revolves around a search for clarity and simplicity of form. I aim to eliminate any unnecessary detail by offering a frank and direct representation of materials. Sober and refined, my work consists of small series and single edition pieces made of precious metals and non-conventional materials, such as calcined wood, porcelain, rusty steel and rough minerals.

My vocabulary, inspired by both vernacular and contemporary architecture, reflects my interest in the connection between humans and their environment, as well as their mutual influence. The concepts of interdependence and indissociable unity between humans and their environment are illustrated in my work through the use of opposition and complementarity of volumes, textures, colours, as well as, positive and negative spaces.

At the start of a project, I choose a material which support the idea or the emotion that I seek to convey and then undertake a series of digital sketches, followed by studio experiments which lead to models and prototypes. In addition to dwelling on the physical properties of matter (texture, lustre, clarity, hardness, plasticity), I abundantly explore the processes used to transform it, as well as the philosophical or mystical properties attributed to it through the ages. My creative process being as methodical as it is random, there is a complementarity between structured research and chance. A process of trial and error inspired by my theoretical discoveries allows me to make new visual effects emerge from the material.

I inscribe my practice in a tradition of research in small format sculpture of empiricist aesthetic, an area which allows me to push my exploration beyond the limits imposed by classical jewellery, by means of an artistic methodology which involves rigorous interrogations and criticisms of tradition.