My art jewellery practice revolves around a search for clarity and simplicity of form. I aim to eliminate any superfluous detail by offering a frank and direct representation of the materials. Sober and refined, my work consists of small series and single edition pieces made from recycled precious metals and non-conventional materials, such as reclaimed wood, recycled paper and raw minerals.

Inspired by systems theory and the notion of interdependence, the relationship between humans and their environment is at the centre of my creation. I illustrate the concepts of interdependence and unity in my work by using the rough form of charred wood, evoking the natural world, juxtaposed to metal worked in smooth and geometric shapes representing the environment transformed by man.

At the start of a project, I choose materials supporting the idea or the emotion I am trying to convey. My artistic methodology involves a substantial research phase, allowing me to explore the physical properties of matter and the processes used to transform it. My creative process is as systematic as it is random. A trial-and-error process allows me to make new visual effects emerge from the material.

I inscribe my practice in a tradition of research in small-format sculpture. This field allows me to push my exploration beyond the limits imposed by classical jewellery by questioning our relationship to tradition, beauty and preciousness.