2018 – 2020

This series is composed of pieces made from salvaged wood charred by hand, recycled sterling silver, and emeralds, assembled to create forms and volumes inspired by nature transformed through human action.

Resulting from my meditation on our habit of thinking of our planet as ‘things’ to be used and owned as well as our false impression that we function independently from nature; “ENVY” illustrates this illusion of separation from other beings and from our environment. But rather than desolation or a sense of loss, I explore notions of hope, renewal and rebirth which can emerge in the wake of catastrophic events as observed in nature where entire ecosystems annihilated by forest fires slowly return to life over the course of months and years.

“They discover that in the very darkness of nature a light is hidden, a little spark without which the darkness would not be darkness.”
Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 13: Alchemical Studies

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