We are honored to be featured on one of Montreal’s leading art centre’s blog today as Centre Phi shares about our meeting at the studio.

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A look behind the scene in Julie Bégin’s jewellery studio.





Le Centre Phi
Publication: 11
Article: Julie Bégin: alchimiste d’anti-fast fashion
Link: https://phi-centre.com/en/post/en-julie-begin/
Photo:  Anthony McLean; Carat Studio


From an internationally renowned make-up artist to a jeweler, Julie Bégin has a fascinating journey. A native of Montreal  born to Quebec and European parents, she dreamed of becoming a scientist to change the world in her laboratory. After starting college studies in science, she realizes that everyday life lacks a bit of poetry.


Her life takes a new direction when, one summer, she accepts a job as a makeup artist and falls completely in love with the profession. At a very young age, she started a career as a fashion and stage make-up designer which lead her to work and live all over the world, from America to Asia and Europe. Thirty years later, she left New York and returned to Montreal to pursue her new passion: jewellery. Meet the one who allied her passions for arts and science in a unique jewelley line which can now be discovered – in exclusivity in Montreal! – at Rhinoceros by Phi, as well as on her website.


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EN | 2017-01-07 | Julie Bégin