We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our custom-made products. Jewels created and manufactured by our company are subject to high-quality standards and are diligently inspected before they leave our studio. Our fabrication procedures and our expertise combine to meet our uncompromising objectives.


  • In order to ensure the validity of the lifetime guarantee, an annual inspection of the pearl and stone settings must be performed by us.
  • Should your jewel be damaged, we recommend that you stop wearing it and have it inspected by us as soon as possible. Should the damage be due to a defect in fabrication, we will repair it at no cost. If the problem has occurred as a result of normal wear or accidental damage, you will be charged a minimum fee for the repairs.
  • Diamonds, stones and pearls can break and are not guaranteed for a lifetime. We, therefore, advise our clients to take out an insurance policy to cover the loss or fracture of diamonds, stones and pearls as well as loss or theft.
  • We cannot guarantee jewels repaired by a third party.

In addition to our lifetime guarantee, we offer yearly inspection, deep cleaning and polishing of our jewellery creations at no extra cost for the three years following your purchase.

Shipping of pieces for inspection, repairs, cleaning, polishing and surface refinishing is the buyer’s responsibility.