Following a career as studio makeup designer, Julie Bégin chose to pursue her exploration of issues relating to identity through the medium of contemporary jewellery. Trained at the École de Joaillerie de Montréal, she continued her studies through multiple workshops with internationally renowned artists such as Peter Hoogeboom, Shu-Lin Wu, Katja Prins, Trinidad Contreras, Charles Lewton-Brain, Judy McCaig and Ramon Puig Cuyàs.

Julie Bégin’s art jewellery practice revolves around a search for clarity and simplicity of form. She aims to eliminate unnecessary details to offer a frank and direct representation of materials. Inspired by themes relating to oneness, her work explores the interdependencies intrinsic to systems and their effects on the entities which compose them. These connections are illustrated in her work through the use of oppositions and complementarities of volumes, textures and colours, as well as the use of positive and negative spaces, resulting in contemporary objects of subtle elegance.

“ENVY” her most recent series, explores notions of renewal, rebirth and hope emerging in the wake of catastrophic events as observed in nature where entire ecosystems are renewed by forest fire.

Her work has been exhibited in Canada and Europe.